By searching for a chemical free disinfection method, we took the simplest and most natural disinfection possibility; the UV-radiation. The energy rich electromagnetic radiation from the sun is nearly completely absorbed by the atmosphere. The challenge to bundle those natural energies and to convert them in a system in its entirety requires a heterogen research and development team consisting of engineers and microbiologists.

The connection of the interface between hygiene and technology lead to one of the most effective disinfection systems.
Funded by the German Federal Ministery of Research and Technology and finished as a High-Tech-Product of high class.

The Inactivation

The Inactivation It was already known in ancient times sterilize and prepare. The sunlight is a natural resource of ultraviolet light, a electromagnetic radiation with wavelength below the visual light. This short wavelength is evidence of a high density of electromagnetic energy. In the wave range of 240-290 nanometers and protein damaging effect.


By intensive long damaged, so that the repair suffice to counterbalance this transformation. Also viral pathogens that you can drinking water with sunlight. the UVC radiation has nucleic acid long-lasting radiation of the cell, the DNS mechanism cannot longer will be inactivated.

The Exercise Test

The metabolism stops and the cells cannot reproduce themselves anymore. The germicide effect is in the water, in the air and surface area. Biotec 2


Biotec 3

The UV-BOAT meets all legal demands, instructions and also meets demands of the hygiene of VDI 6022; from the best technology standards

Everywhere where water is used and stored,the UV-BOAT is suitable.

The Quartz Glass

By construction of a chassis of quartz glass you will reach two effects:
1. The pumped through water will be sterilized effectively because of the nearby UV-burner. 2. Surface area will be sterilized and biofilms in wall areas will not occur.

The Pump

The powerful pump circulates the contaminated water throughout in the container, because water that stands spoils.
The pump power can be regulated on the touchscreen up to 6 m3 /h.

The Control

The decentral control enables the connection of up to 5 UV-BOATS to be integrated in the building control system.
Radiationtime and pump power are regulated decentraly. Error messages can also be read on the building control system.

Technical info

supply voltage: 230 V
frequency: 50 Hz
power input: 60 W
wavelength emission: 254nm
life expectancy: 8000 h
coat: Long Life
power input:

28 W
pump power: max. 6000L/h
control mode
supply voltage:
230 V 50HZ, two-pin earthed plug
power element: 220-260W
operating conditions
environmental temperature:

+10 to+35°C.
environmental clamminess control mode: 30% to 90%
water temperature: max.+35°C
measurement uv-reactor

diameter: 125mm
height: 155mm
weight: 11,3 kg
material: V4A-steel, quartz glass

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