CTi Impingement

High-velocity freezing
The Impingement Freezer from CTi uses technology with thousands of high-velocity air jets to direct cold air at the top and bottom surfaces of a product. These jets of air blast away the boundary layer of air that holds heat around the product, resulting in ultra fast freezing/chilling speed. The result is a heat transfer far better than obtained in conventional air freezing methods. The Impingement technology works as well for Freezing as for Super Chilling.

Freezing with impingement technology
Using impingement freezing technology results in less dehydration than other methods because dehydration is a function of holding time within the freezer unit. If products are frozen slowly, there is time for moisture to migrate, which causes larger crystals to form. Fast freezing results in formation of smaller ice crystals, which means less cellular damage to the product. In food applications, this means the product is juicier, has better texture and exhibits less drip loss when thawed.

Super Chilling with impingement technology
The surface of the product is exposed to very high air velocities creating a thin, frozen crust of 2-5 mm thickness depending upon the particular application. Due to the low temperature and the high heat transfer, the ice crystals formed in the crust are very small and have minimal effects on quality. When the product has been subjected to impingement super chilling, a short period is required for equalizing, after which the entire product reaches the desired final chilled temperature.

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