CTi Spiral Directdrive

Freezing with direct Drive
The CTI Spiral Freezer with Direct Drive is designed for freezing of almost all products for the food processing industry. Through the design phase we are using Clever Technology and continuously improving our base design since 1998, to reach out for the optimum hygiene and quality. The unique Direct Drive is a new innovated system that offers a lot of advantages compered to a normal low tension system. E.g:

• Simple belt drive
• Drum only for guiding of air
• Easier to clean
• More up time
• Lower total weight
• No belt tension => longer life time for belt

Lower energy cost
It is the philosophy of CTI always to optimize our equipment regarding energy and hygiene to ensure the best efficient, high quality and short payback time.The engine power is transferred to each tiers through two gears and due to the airtight hinged doors the cold air is kept under control without any air escaping the assigned air route.

Unique horizontal air flow
The CTI Spiral Freezer has a unique horizontal air flow ensuring a minimal loss of product yield. This is achieved by creating turbulence around the product, which means the product is covered of air all around and a minimum of freezing time is required.

Hygienic design
Hygiene is a keyword today; we can design the level of hygiene which is necessary to any application. The unique design with passageway around the spiral ensures that the freezer applies with the strictest requirement on the market regarding both cleaning and hygiene. Our basic equipment has always installed a belt washing system. We can upgrade to the highest hygiene system for freezers, with a fully welded stainless steel cabinet and where all parts inside are welded not bolted, together with a total CIP system. This we call CTHS system.

Clever control system
Clever technology is also used in our control system. The operation of the spiral is designed for simple and efficient use. It is designed with a user-friendly control panel, ensuring setting of freezing times and rapid product changes. The control panel also allows variable freezing time’s settings and digital readings of all relevant freezing parameters.

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